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The Immortal BISSOD Acceber's Tennessee Tuxedo

Tennessee, produced all colors and brought his intense breed type to chin in all colors. His face is forever in our minds and sets a standard for all to follow.


Bred by Rebecca Franklin, sired by CH.Hoshi *ROM* owned by the late Geraldine Craddock, Tennessee was purchased as a young puppy by Pat Farmer & Bob Kennedy. In co-ownership with Dale & Jane Martenson he was finished, specialed, and lived as their companion his entire life.


BISSOD Acceber's Tennessee Tuxedo lives on through his descendants in appearance and action and it was our privilege to share him with the entire fancy.

BISSOD Acceber's Tennessee Tuxedo has been the most relevant sire in the Japanese Chin breed and has been our foundation sire. His three all-breed Best In Show sons all carry production titles, and the list of winners and producers is second to none.  


Here is a summary of how Tennessee Tuxedo (TT) and his offspring have influenced the breed:


  • TT ranks 5th on the List of Sires of Distinction and is the sire of 32 Champions.

  • Four out of the Top 5 Sires of Distinction (80%) are him or his descendents, including a son, a grandson, and a great-great grandson. 

  • The Top 3 Sires Of Distinction are ALL descended from TT!

  • Ten of the top 41 Sires of Distinction (24%) are descendants of TT.

  • Of the top 41 Sires of Distinction, TT and his descendants have sired 259 Champions, which represents 35% of the 746 champions sired by the top 41 Sires of Distinction.

  • Two of the Top 5 Dams of Distinction (40%) have TT in their pedigree. 

  • Eight of the top 45 Dams of Distinction (18%) are descendants of TT.

  • Of the top 45 Dams Of Distinction, TT descendants have produced 63 Champions, which represents 17% of the 374 champions produced by the top 45.

  • 22% of the Sires and Dams of Disction combined are descendants of TT

  • 30% of the champions represented by the Sires and Dams of Distinction combined are descendants of TT!


        Stats based on records from May 2014.

Tennnessee Tuxedo has produced more than thirty champion offspring:
Ch. Makami's Cosmic Dust; Ch. Touche's Too Too Fine V Kinshi, ROM; Ch. Classic's Texas Tuxedo; Ch. Touche's Tennessee Tradition; Ch. Touche's Lady In Lace; Ch. Touche's Tennessee Sky At Chic; Ch. Touche's Walk The Walk; BISS/BIS/Ch. Touches Envy Me At Shomei, SOD; Ch. Touche's Loose Change O Shannons; Ch. Touche's Christmas Carole; Ch. Touche's Tennessee Birdwalk, SOD; Ch. Touche's Moonlight Sara-Nade; Ch. Touche's Nashville Tennessee; Ch. Touche's Pennies From Hvn; Ch. Tenshi Okie Dokie; Ch. Touche's Tux N Ty; Ch. Touche High-Faluton, ROM; Ch. Touches Fairy Tail At My Toy; Ch. Touche's Tennessee Twinkle; Ch. Touches Zackly Rite For Quest’ Ch. Touche's Mosaic Mitzu; Ch. Touche Player Of Quest; Ch. Touche's Evil Woman; Ch. Touche's Standing Ovation; Ch. Touche's Tennessee Twirl; Ch. Touches Bart Sim-Chin;Ch. Touche's Charlie Chan; Ch . Julre's Tennessee Kid; Ch. Touche's Troubadour of Texstar; Ch. Touche's Tennessee Waltz; Ch. Skoshi's Scarlet O'Hara, ROM; BISS/BIS/Ch. Eastwyck's Evil Doings, SOD

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