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Health Information and Grooming Tips


Chin Health

The Japanese Chin is a reasonably healthy breed with a typical life expectancy of 10-12 years, although they can live to be 15 years of age or more. The majority of problems seen in the Chin are the same as seen in toy dogs in general, including luxating patellas (slipping kneecaps), cataracts, and early-onset heart murmurs.


Not all of these conditions are detectable in a growing puppy, and it can be hard to predict whether an animal will be free of these maladies, but most such issues are genetically passed on.  This is why it's important that you choose to buy from breeders like Chin Of Touche' who are committed to breeding the healthiest animals possible.


Chin Of Touche' has a reputation for breeding dogs that are Best In Show and Best In Home.  Our breeding program is based on champion stock that are free of major health defects, giving our puppies a better chance at a healthy life.  So even if you are not planning to show your Chin, knowing that we have produced so many champions should be reassuring that we are breeding conformationally sound dogs. 

Grooming Your Japanese Chin

The Chin might look like he needs a lot of grooming, but he’s a wash-and-go dog. His silky, abundant coat is easy to care for and rarely mats, with the occasional exception of the ear fringes.


Brush him weekly with a pin brush to keep the hair from flying around the house (yes, the Chin sheds), and bathe him once a month to keep him smelling nice. After a bath, towel him off until he’s almost dry, brush the coat upward and outward with the pin brush, then smooth it down. That's all there is to it!  


The rest is basic care like trimming nails and brushing teeth. It's a good idea to keep your Chin's nails trimmed every two weeks so they don't injure their eyes. The Chin's favorite game is slapping like a cat, so scratching their eyes is always a worry.  Also be sure any playmate for your Chin has short nails as well.

Rub-a-dub-dub. Three Chin In A Tub.

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