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MRBIS,NBISS GCHS. Touché s Espionage Westminster’s Best of Breed Winner 2020!!!!


Chin  of  Touche'

Welcome to


Welcome To Chin Of Touche'!

Our goal has been to procreate and promote the IMPERIAL Style Japanese Chin. Hundreds of champions sharing the common thread of our immortal TENNESSEE TUXEDO have made this dream a reality. The passion for this breed is shared by many dedicated fanciers that promoted our dogs to their rightful place in breed history. Our gratitude to them all.


Just as important as the champion show dogs are the winners of best in home! Sharing the experience of being owned by a chin with their families and keeping alive this ancient breed. As our third decade of dedication to breed betterment draws to a close we are more resolved than ever to continue sharing this enchanting breed.


We appreciate your interest in the CHIN OF TOUCHE'.


Sincerely, Dale & Jane Martenson

Chin Of Touche' is an AKC Breeder Of Merit.
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